Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Make the Difference
We believe that personal attention is key to an outstanding travel experience, so we've ensured that it's a hallmark of all Odysseys Unlimited tours. Our professional Tour Directors rank among the best in the business; their love of travel is surpassed only by their desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

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Classic China & the Yangtze

Mike Zhao

“Mike was outstanding in every aspect. He balanced the group’s expectations while providing superb individual support.”
Ed & Lynne Donovan
Tucson, AZ

William Zhuang

“William could not have been more conscientious, concerned, involved, and helpful!! He was a joy to have each and every day!”
David & Joan Underwood
Evergreen, CO

Classic Germany

Chiara Baroni

“Chiara pays a great deal of attention to little things as well as big. I have been a tour guide in both Europe and the U.S., and she was just about the best I have ever encountered.”
Barney & Susan Milstein
Portland, OR

Eva Bunner

Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director


Gabriel Castillo

Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director


Barbara Schikofsky

Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director


Dagmar Sturm

Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director


Classic Greek Isles

Gemma Economopoulou

Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director



Lina Harokopou

“Lina was truly exceptional – the best tour guide I have ever had. Knowledgeable, humorous, unflappable, sympathetic, charming – ideal. Passionate about her country.”
J. Michael Evans
Charlottesville, VA

Maria Kazantzidou

“This was our 10th Odysseys tour and Maria ranks among the top tour guides we’ve had.”
Harris & Patricia Schwartz
Point Pleasant, PA