Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Make the Difference
We believe that personal attention is key to an outstanding travel experience, so we've ensured that it's a hallmark of all Odysseys Unlimited tours. Our professional Tour Directors rank among the best in the business; their love of travel is surpassed only by their desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

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Costa Rica's Natural Heritage

Jose Barquero Vargas

“So calm, helpful, and knowledgeable. He provided great information, but wasn’t intrusive. He checked in frequently to see how we were doing.”
Kate Murphy
Dansville, NY

Olman Vargas

“Don’t let go of Olman Vargas. He is a gem of a tour director; passionate about his country and his work. He is beyond outstanding.”
Stephanie Belvedere
Pine, AZ

Max Vindas

“There are no words strong enough to properly tell you how wonderful Max is. Added to his knowledge, caring, concern, and love of people, is his sense of humor.”
Lee Honickman
New York, NY

Discovering Eastern Europe

Mateusz Drozdowski

“Mateusz was FANTASTIC! Could not have been better – wonderful in every way.”
Sandra Deutsch
New York, NY

Renata Guzera

“Renata was an outstanding 'TD' who far exceeded our expectations and past experience. She was always helpful, available, and knowledgeable. More importantly, she has a caring heart and fine character. She is a real asset!”
Charles & Eileen Friedstat
Wilmette, IL

Silvija Horsta

“Silvija went the extra mile for everyone, ensuring that all our needs were met and eliminating all concerns that would detract from a great trip … [she] deserves the highest accolades possible for her more than outstanding leadership.”
Barbara & Herman Ziegler
Charlotte, NC

Eva Koszeghy

“Eva was OUTSTANDING! She was knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. I wish every tour guide was like Eva Koszeghy.”
Judy Traub
Wellington, FL

Jolanta Koziol

“Jolanta was outstanding. She was informative, helpful, and provided us with material so we could explore in comfort in new cities.”
Amy Altson
Pomona, CA

Agnieszka Socha

“Agnes was outstanding in every way!! We could not have asked for a better tour director/friend. I miss her!!”
Norma Fjeldstad
Niwot, CO

Ania Szwajgier

“Ania was WONDERFUL! She was caring, friendly, helpful, and patient. She spent long hours showing us things of interest, answering questions, and helping with return plane reservations. She became a real friend. I would recommend her to anyone.”
William T. & Billie S. Strunk
Lexington, KY