Discover the Restaurants Behind Copenhagen's Ascendant Food Scene

Discover the Restaurants Behind Copenhagen's Ascendant Food Scene

Posted August 29, 2017

When considering European centers of gastronomy, Paris stands above the rest. France is well-known for its dedication to the art of creating sublime food and wine, and other cities like Lyon and Bordeaux add to this reputation. Outside of France, other great European food cities that come to mind include London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, and just about anywhere in Italy.

Copenhagen, set on the far east coast of the Danish island of Zealand, has long been associated with the brewing of beer. But recently, this Scandinavian center of culture has gained a deserved reputation as a destination for food-obsessed travelers. With more than 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, a host of casual and contemporary dining spots, and enough bakeries and sweetshops to keep the city's dentists working overtime, Copenhagen should be atop anyone's list of foodie cities. 

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Photo via Flickr.