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Time to Renew Your Passport? Here’s Your Guide

Although you only need to do it once every ten years, renewing your passport can still seem like a daunting task. Filling out forms, taking a new photo, going to your local passport office… it’s enough to make most travelers’ eyes glaze over. But it’s a necessary evil, and one that Conde Nast Traveler hasRead More…

Exploring the Different Faces of Canada’s Maritime Provinces

Though they’re Canada’s three smallest provinces by area, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia offer three unique travel experiences. Check out the differences between these popular provinces here.

An Ancient, Miniature Sphinx Was Uncovered in Egypt

Exciting news from Egypt! While attempting to lower the groundwater level in a part of the famed Kom Ombo temple complex in Aswan, Egypt, workers uncovered a miniature version of the Great Sphinx of Giza. This “new” sphinx is thought to be over 2,000 years old, and resembles the world-renowned sandstone sculpture at Giza.

Dive Deep into Historic Portugal

Sitting at the southwestern tip of continental Europe, Portugal has long played a major role in exploring new lands.  And on our new 13-day Discovering Portugal small group tour, we have our chance to explore this nation rich in history, blessed with natural beauty, and well-versed in hospitality.

TD Spotlight: Chiara Baroni

Italian by birth and German by marriage, experienced Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director Chiara Baroni possesses a detailed knowledge and personal connection to the three regions in which she leads tours:  Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. And, more importantly, she is keen to share this knowledge with the groups she oversees. “I love to be with people…IRead More…

Treat Your Feet: the Best Shoes for Travel

When exploring a new location, you’re on your feet for a good portion of the day. And experienced travelers can attest that having the right footwear can make the difference between a memorable journey and a sore-footed slog. Treat your feet right with these travel footwear recommendations. 

Essential Knowledge: Passports and REAL ID

We will keep this post current as states continue to roll out REAL ID-compliant licenses and grant extensions. Below are the answers to some basic questions about passports, government-issued IDs, and the REAL ID security program.

Travel the Ancient and Exotic Silk Road

The Silk Road – it’s a route whose very name conjures up visions of exotic bazaars, shimmering traditional clothing, and camel-riding traders ferrying precious wares across the central Asian plains. The countries through which the Silk Road runs, namely Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, were once inhospitable to Western travelers. Now, they represent some of theRead More…

Curious About Your Next Trip? Browse our Destination Insights

When perusing a tour page in search of your next destination, don’t forget to take a look at the Destination Insights tab. If you’re looking for travel inspiration, fascinating historical insights, fun facts, or just a compilation of beautiful scenes from the country or countries visited on tour, our carefully curated Destination Insights have it all.

A Few Methods to Stay in Touch While Traveling

An old adage has it that traveling is good for the soul. But while you’re out exploring the world, remember to check in with your loved ones from time to time, if only to share the latest photos from your exploits. Here we present a few methods (some new, some tried and true) for staying in contact with people back home.



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