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Very early in the tour we saw we got much more for our dollar than anything we could have put together ourselves. The value exceeded our expectations.

Tara Malmberg
Quitman, TX

6-time honoree Travel + Leisure's World's Best Tour Operators awards

The Odysseys Blog

How to Take a Great Travel Photo

One of the best parts of traveling to different parts of the world is capturing those places through photography. With these quick tips, you’ll be on your way to taking travel photos worthy of display.

When (and Why) to Renew Your Passport

Your United States passport allows you to travel anywhere in the world—provided it’s up to date and has enough pages free. Learn about when (and why) to renew your passport.

The Best Places to Travel in 2016

The New York Times has put together a list of their top 52 destinations of 2016. Did your favorite destination make the cut?

Odysseys’ Hidden Gems: Santorini’s Atlantis Books

This is the first in a series of blog posts where we’ll explore some hidden gems of the cities we visit. Everyone wants to see the major attractions, but it’s often the smaller, city-specific experiences which become some of our most treasured travel memories. Go off the beaten path with Odysseys’ Hidden Gems.

Skip Long Airport Lines with Global Entry

Travelling internationally brings with it a host of different benefits, but also a few downsides. Here, we explain how to mitigate one of these downsides, the dreaded airport customs line, with a program called Global Entry.

6 Ways to Call Home While Abroad

While some travelers happily leave their mobile phones at home, many of us must remain connected when abroad. However, international phone usage poses challenges for even the most savvy travelers. Here are some tips for maintaining phone access on your journey at a reasonable cost and without excessive hassles.

Tips for Not Leaving Anything Behind

“I must have left it in the hotel room/on the plane/in the taxi …”   Even the savviest of travelers have had this sinking realization too late. Here we offer some tips to help ensure you return home from your travels with not only lasting memories, but also everything you brought with you.

Valparaiso: Chile’s Colorful Port

Valparaiso, a sun-splashed city along Chile’s western coast, was often called the “little San Francisco” during its days as a major South Pacific port. See why National Geographic named it one of the world’s best places to visit.

Tips for Using Electricity on Your Travels

Because there is no standardized international electric voltage, you can’t simply step off the plane in a foreign country and plug in your devices. Here we present an overview of what you should know about electricity conversion when traveling abroad.

Welcome to the Odysseys Unlimited Blog

Travel. One word that conjures up so many images. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, explore new places, and learn about almost anything – including ourselves. Welcome to the Odysseys Unlimited blog, where we’ll give you an overview of some of our favorite destinations and some hints and tips to help improve your travel experience.


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