Useful Links

Useful Links

Airport and Flight Information
Worldwide resources for flight schedules and in-flight tracking
A comprehensive listing of U.S. and foreign airports, including maps, ground transportation, contact information, services and facilities, and more
Connects to official web sites of major U.S. airports

ATM Locators

Country Calling Codes
Directory of international Country Codes

Foreign embassies in Washington, D.C.

Foreign Currency
Universal, interactive currency converter continuously updated

Foreign Language
Free interactive language courses (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish)

News & Weather
The ABC News portal with separate sections on travel, weather, and specific countries
Online version of the International New York Times (formerly the International Herald Tribune), an icon beloved by generations of travelers
World news, weather, sports, travel information from the foremost news-gathering organization
Up-to-date worldwide information from the Weather Channel
Top stories from worldwide online news services, frequently updated. With helpful links to other global sites


U.S. Department of State 
Complete U.S. government passport services information, including a passport renewal form that you simply download, complete, and drop in the mail. Detailed info about obtaining a passport, adding pages, and more

United Nations listing of World Heritage sites, many of which are visited on Odysseys Unlimited tours. Click “The List,” then “World Heritage List”
Official web site of the World Monuments Fund, dedicated to the preservation of historic art and architecture worldwide

Time Zones
Helpful site relating to worldwide time and time zones, dates, etc.

Complete database of rail fares and schedules throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. You can book and purchase tickets online

Travel & Health
Official web site of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Click on "Traveler's Health" for specific country information.
U.S. State Department guide on obtaining medical assistance while traveling abroad.

Travel Guides & Resources
Guide to electrical services worldwide to help you choose the correct plug adapters and/or converters
Full-color physical maps and key facts about specific countries around the world
Grassroots community dedicated to socially responsible travel as a positive force in the world. Resources, online forum, country information
Comprehensive travel bookstore with online ordering capabilities. Odysseys Unlimited provides travelers with reading lists from Longitude, which offers savings to our guests. Or access reading lists directly from our web site: simply click on the "Suggested Reading" button on any of the Odysseys tour web pages.
World Tourism Directory – tourism info on virtually every country in the world

Travel Protection
Provider recommended by Odysseys Unlimited. To view a travel protection plan, select your state in the dropdown menu and click "View/Print PDF."

U.S. Government
U.S. Department of State's online resource for travel information as it relates to the U.S. government: passport information, travel advisories, country information, and more
Up-to-date security and travel information from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Visa Service

Visa service recommended by Odysseys Unlimited